Transparency is our business

The ability to identify and verify all data and information about any step in an industrial process is traceability in our context. KIAG with its long interdisciplinary expertise in digital supply chain solutions customizes practical approaches for a global and sustainable economy. It is a complex process driven not only by technical requirements, but also by the needs and the individual background of the different stakeholders within the chain. Transparency facilitates and builds trust in and for all participants within the chain. We consider it as a chance to minimize risks for everybody. Our business is to deliver IT solutions combined with further needs and requirements, and in compliance with the standards involved. Hence our motto: transparency first.

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How we work

We do care

We do care about our clients. Simple to say, yet complex in the reality of projects that need to address not only the classic concerns of time and budget, but also success indicators. We care about having a full understanding of the requirements so as to grasp the underlying concept as a background. We care about quality and make sure that a solution will work, even if all use cases are not detailed in the paperwork. We strive to get one step beyond, to be on safe ground when thinking about solutions to your needs.

We do integrate

Through our interdisciplinary approach we look at your needs from different perspectives. Only a complete understanding of your working environment leads to a solution that is operational. We do integrate stakeholders, cultures and hierarchies. Factors which are perhaps not spelled out, yet are of tremendous importance for ensuring a successful. Our team members are well-versed experts with many years of experience in both their respective fields and interdisciplinary work. We thus always integrate business and technology on the underlying fabric of needs, emotions and sensitivities.

We do deliver

We ensure that projects will end up straight on target. We implement solutions that fit into existing technical, process and regulatory frames. We think about the future and how the project should contribute to it, of opening pathways rather than blocking them, of making use of networks to leverage your investment. And last but not least, of making solutions useful and accessible so that they are readily adopted by the users. In our world technology is always bound to serve people. Human beings making the difference in their work through dedication, energy and mutual trust.

Who we are

Our team consists of interdisciplinary experts who all have a long-term record in their professional vocation. Based on our expertise we can always interface the IT of a particular sector and its requirements within the different supply and value chains. As a best-practice team we develop precise solutions, fast. From the bottom to the top. We integrate our detailed knowledge of various industries. The effective application of our services produce the highest value. We love the challenge of being innovative specialists for our clients.

Dr. Harald Puhl

CEO & Technology


Country Coordinator Vietnam

Wolfram Puhl

Project & Partner Administration


Case studies

Ready to dive into some more details? Interested in how KIAG has ensured successful projects and solution implementations? Browse through our pool of selected case studies to get a brief impression of our activities and implemented solutions. Still have questions? Then feel free to contact us – we are always available to discuss your specific needs.

Case studies

Our services


Each enterprise and each project has its own environment, its own management system, and its own requirements. So KIAG starts with an in-depth analysis to explore the needs the client and his terms. The status analysis considers a lot of different perspectives, including sustainability, in order to offer a service which complies with the client’s expectations and conditions.


An integrated service for a new solution includes, besides installation and maintenance, dynamic monitoring. Additional requirements impose new demands on risk management, and the implementation needs continuously adapt to these changes and new specifications. We follow sustainable principles here.


Apart from the IT solution development requires a closed communication process with the customer to elaborate a suitable architecture covering all different data and information sources. That refers to an IT-approach, but normally also to appropriate training to implement the solution on-the-job. The structure of data, information, and its reporting shall be tailor-made for both small as well as big solutions.